1. Why do we collect your data? What type of data? Who is responsible for the data we collect?

In the context of the mission you entrusted Afschrift Law Firm (hereinafter: the Law Firm) with, your lawyer who looks after your file needs to collect some personal data about you.

Your data are used to process your file and for the following purposes:

  • Correspondence with you, our client
  • Invoicing
  • To allow the lawyer to meet his own obligations
  • To send you our Tax newsletters and the magazine IDEFISC in paper format or by email.

The data we collect are your identity data, your mailing and billing address and any sensitive data that are required to process your file, which are kept completely confidential, in accordance with the legal rules, more specifically the rules on professional secrecy.

These data are collected and used with your consent, in accordance with the European and national data protection legislation.

The Law Firm has appointed a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), Me Thierry Afschrift, lawyer, whom you can contact by email at the address below to ask him any questions you have and to exercise your rights.


2. How are your data stored?

Your data are stored both in paper and in electronic format, under the responsibility of the Law Firm, which has put every conceivable measure in place to ensure that they are secure and remain confidential.

Any data that need to be shared in the context of the processing of your file are always shared via a secure electronic channel of communication. They are never shared with people who do not form part of the Law Firm.

As the Law Firm specialises in taxation, your data are stored for the length of time it takes to process your file and until such time as you expressly ask us to delete them, though for a minimum of 10 years.

3. Who will have acces to your data?

The lawyer of the Law Firm, in charge of your file, will have access to your file so that he can provide you with the relevant service.

If required in the light of the nature of your file, this consent form will authorise your lawyer to share all the data in your file with other lawyers who form part of our partnerships across the EU, Switzerland and Israel.

4. What rights do you have?

You have the right to give or withdraw your consent to your data being processed and shared.

Should you subsequently decide to withdraw your consent, our DPO will send you a confirmation that your data have been erased. If we need to file legal proceedings on your behalf or defend you rights in Court however, your data will need to be kept on file.

You are entitled to enquire what your data are processed for.

You are entitled to ask the DPO what data are recorded and to have any information that is incorrect amended.

You are entitled to obtain a copy of all your personal data in a portable and legible format.

Afschrift Law Firm who collects your data is also responsible for those data.

It is the DPO’s task to ensure that your data are processed securely and to notify you in the event of a security breach.