Afschrift offers experience and expertise to multinational groups and companies for local and international restructuring operations.

Each project is specific and we analyze legal and tax issues involving a good understanding of the client’s business and needs as well as local or cross-border constraints.

We understand the pressures of our clients and offer a professional psychological understanding that takes into account shareholders, investors, decision makers and executives, employees and unions or customers.

Our international presence and our worldwide pre-qualified legal and tax partners allow us to accompany you serenely all over the world.

Our team is recognized for the acuity, common sense and innovation of its legal and tax audits. We are supported when necessary by other groups of practitioners. We regularly work on internal restructurings related to tax optimization or the integration of new business models, the setting up of holding companies, the financing or management of intellectual property rights, the relocation or the coordination of international projects.

We intervene in the following areas :

  • Acquisition & disposal of companies (assets deal/shares deal)
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Liquidation of companies
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Litigation between shareholders
  • Liability of directors

Our services cover the diagnosis and the legal and fiscal audit as well as the drafting of company deeds, the setting up of specific vehicles, the drafting of the appropriate documentation, the creation or the evaluation of the necessary financial instruments and deeds.