The taxation of companies and legal entities has undergone a complete overhaul in recent years, completely overturning the way a company’s tax strategy is approached.

The same applies to corporate law.

We guide you in the optimization of your company’s structure and capital as well as in the timely planning and design of your company’s transfer.

Afschrift is known for its innovation. We do not only provide you with “classic” solutions, known by specialists and tax authorities. We also offer new solutions, designed especially for you, adapted to your objectives. Real innovations will be implemented in total discretion and in compliance with the legislation.

In the same way as the Belgian holding company, many foreign structures, notably in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates or elsewhere, may prove to be more efficient for your tax purposes.

Real estate activities, especially when carried out in a company, raise questions that go far beyond the framework of income tax and cover both registration fees and VAT.

Adapted solutions exist in order to reduce the tax pressure on your real estate acquisitions and investments or on your real estate activity.

Each real estate project is unique and must therefore be thoroughly examined beforehand in order to determine the ideal solution for the tax optimization of your investment.

This is the case if you are a real estate professional as well as if you own or will acquire real estate for your business needs or privately for your home or for investment.

We intervene in the following matters:

  • Corporate tax
  • VAT
  • Excise and customs duties
  • Acquisition of usufruct/bare ownership, emphyteusis, surface area
  • Company planning & optimization
  • International tax law (including permanent establishments & transfer pricing)
  • Corporate restructuring (including international mergers & acquisitions)
  • Taxation of company directors (SOP, warrants, management companies)
  • Salary split
  • Sale of companies or assets
  • Real estate taxation
  • Patrimonial companies
  • Tax rulings
  • Mergers and acquisitions

A long-term cooperation. We establish strategies that we periodically re-evaluate at your request. This ensures that you always benefit from tax-efficient solutions and that your transactions are legally secure.