Welcome to AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal

For nearly 30 years, we have been assisting, defending and innovating for our clients.

Our niche structure allows us to defend your interests as a private person or company.

Our team is multidisciplined which allows us to ensure and meet your expectations in the fiscal field, VAT, the management of your wealth, donations and inheritances, commercial contracts and business law, compliance and many others areas.

We are committed to working for you !

Typhanie Afschrift
Senior Partner

A specialized and versatile team

Afschrift requires its lawyers to be more versatile in order to offer its clients a personalized relationship and quality advice. Your lawyer must assist you in all cases where his fiscal and other skills are required. All of our lawyers are therefore versatile and control all aspects of the law.

Your lawyer: your privileged partner

The relationship between a lawyer and his client is a lasting personal relationship. This relationship is based on mutual trust that strengthens over time. We are your “trusted advisors”.

Your lawyer knows you personally. She / he is able to answer all your tax questions as long as he / she has an overview of your situation and your assets.

Our lawyers are all both advisers and litigants

This skill ensures the legal certainty of the transaction and maximizes your chances of avoiding a dispute or coming out unscathed.

AFSCHRIFT is international.

– We also work with an established and tested network of lawyers and tax specialists with whom we correspond around the world. We notably have an Israeli branch.

Our offices

Our Awards

AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal is regularly awarded and recognized by international and local awards. We have thus been recognized as “Best Tax Law Firm in Belgium” on numerous occasions. Our offices in Brussels, Luxembourg and Geneva have received dozens of awards in the field of tax law and financial criminal law.

Afschrift and bears

Strength and Bravery

We have chosen the bear as the symbol of our vision of the profession of tax lawyer for his strength, his bravery and his image of benevolence. The bear is known to be a powerful animal, determined to defend its young and its territory against intruders.
As tax lawyers, our role is to defend our clients and protect their assets against the state. We do this with the same strength and energy as a bear defending her cubs.

Gentleness and kindness

But the lawyer must also guide and advise his clients in order to enable them to manage their assets and professional activities. We accompany our clients with the same solicitude as a bear watching over the first steps of her offspring.


Finally, the teddy bear is the child’s first confidant, the one who never reveals his secrets. Our clients, in order to benefit from the most appropriate advice, also agree to reveal certain details of their private life to us. We absolutely guarantee the protection of these confidences.

Protection of bears

In order to concretely demonstrate our attachment to bears as a symbol of our action, we have decided to take concrete action. That is why we support associations protecting bears in France and Spain.