AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal is a niche firm with a sterling reputation in Tax & Finance.

Our baseline is : “We assist, we defend, we innovate”.

Our clients are privates and corporates. We serve a high-level clientele with excellence.

We aim at giving them the best advice. We defend them in front of courts or find the best non litigious solution. We are both advisors and litigators.

Each day, we seek innovative solutions in a spirit of permanent improvement.



Our size and the personality of our lawyers ensure that you will evolve in a human sphere where inter-personal skills are paramount. We are strong individuals but team-players. We have a very integrative business culture and we respect your differences. You will take part in the growth of a great professional project.

Leaders in Tax for 30 years

AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal is a respected brand in Belgium & abroad.

We are known for the quality of our services in all aspects of tax and compliance.

Our founding partner is now backed by a team of dedicated young lawyers proud of this heritage of fame. We adapt our management to a world of challenges. This year we initiated “Smart Afschrift” with business consultants to make us even more competitive. We have launched the “Virtual lawyer” and many more innovative solutions.   We will facilitate your path to become a leader in Tax law.

Independent & Empowerment

We are a non-integrated and non-affiliated firm. We are our own decision-makers and don’t expect that decisions here come from London, Paris or New York. This independent spirit is a true value for us. If you seek to be autonomous, we are the right law firm for you. We will empower you rapidly with interesting cases and give you a substantial level of autonomy once you have proved your value.

Publish & Vocational training

The majority of our lawyers lecture at universities. We publish in scientific revues, in business magazines, newspapers and Social media.

AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal has its own quarterly review IDEFISC www.idefisc.be .

If you want to promote yourself and your skills, we offer you numerous opportunities to express yourself.

We are a people’s business. We have an open-door policy. As a trainee lawyer you will have the opportunity to follow our senior partners in business negotiations and when they plead in court.

ESG & modern values

If you pay a visit in our offices, don’t be surprised if you see one of our lawyers with her/his kid at a desk or dog sitting next to a secretary’s chair. We are well aligned with modern Society in our HR management. We have a goal-oriented culture and not a 9 to 5 scheme.

International mindset & cases

We have our own offices in Brussels, Antwerp, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Israel,… We have a substantial network of alike Tax boutique firms around the world. You will be involved in cross-border cases on a daily basis.

Good compensation & incentives

We offer you an attractive, progressive compensation system combined with a discretionary bonus based on merit.

An asset for your CV & future

Putting down AFSCHRIFT Tax & Legal on your CV is an asset for your career path since both competitor firms and clients value the quality of our work. However, if you are exceptional, we aim at keeping you for long with us, and hopefully make you our partner!  



Good grades but not only

Since many of our lawyers hold academic positions, we value A-level students. But that is not enough ! We will consider your business development skills, how you handle managerial tasks, how you take responsibility and initiatives, your foreign languages, your attitude towards clients and colleagues. 

 Pragmatic advice

We want to contribute to the success of our clients and on creating added value to them. If we aim for excellence, our message to the client should always be hands-on and pragmatic. We are therefore looking for personalities with an entrepreneurial drive who focus on solutions. We are therefore looking for no nonsense personalities who will go the extra mile to understand our clients’ goals.

Integrity & loyalty

We are a team. Professional ethics, confidentiality and outstanding behaviour within and outside the firm are paramount to us. We expect you to be loyal to your colleagues and staff.


We like to think outside the box, challenge the status quo and are never satisfied with second best. We fight for our clients and are result-oriented.

We are only interested in people who can tackle complex situations and are always willing to challenge and improve themselves.