Our tax advice obviously includes, from the start, the absolute concern to avoid committing a criminal offence. In this respect, our advice is always oriented towards the choice of the least taxed path while respecting the law to avoid sanctions.

Our goal is to ensure that taxes owed are reduced without breaking the law.  In the event of a dispute with the tax authorities, we can also consider negotiating a settlement with a view to avoiding prosecution.In the context of criminal proceedings, we defend both individuals and companies.

When a conflict is about to arise, many signals alert you. Having us by your side is the assurance from the start of ensuring the best defense. Our contribution consists of an in-depth and global analysis of your situation. Together with your accountant or your financial department, we will develop a strategy to defend your interests. In the event of tax audits, we will also advise and assist you in order to preserve your rights.

From a simple request for information to an in-depth tax audit, each exchange with the administration involves risks that can often be avoided or mitigated.Afschrift determines with you the appropriate answer to the questions of the tax authorities and develops a negotiation strategy with the administration in order to avoid conflicts as much as possible, and to increase your chances of success if a dispute arises.

During an audit and in case of a complaint against a tax assessment, it is often still possible to negotiate an agreement with the tax authorities in order to avoid legal proceedings.

We will accompany you in this process by developing a well thought-out proposal and negotiating the agreement to your advantage.

We intervene in the following areas :

  • Tax controls
  • Conciliation & negotiation with tax authorities
  • Tax litigation (administrative / judicial, direct & indirect taxes, including VAT, excise and customs,…)
  • Appeal before all Belgian, European and international courts
  • Financial criminal information and instructions (judicial police hearing / investigating judge, council / indictment chambers; criminal courts).
  • Correctional prosecutions in tax and financial matters
  • Criminal transactions

If legal proceedings are unavoidable, it is essential that Afschrift accompanies you from the first exchanges with the administration to determine the best strategy.This strategy will be based on an appropriate choice of documents to be transmitted, answers to questions from the tax authorities, a defense of your rights, control of the administrative procedure and, where appropriate, judicial proceedings.Afschrift has the right and ability to defend you in all courts domestic and abroad.