Legal information

Information required by article III.74 of the Code of economic law

1. Name or company name


2. Legal form

Limited Liability Company by Spanish law with head office registered in Madrid, Monte Esquinza 36 and the branch at 1050 Brussels, avenue Louise 208.

3. Geographical address

a) 1050 Brussels, avenue Louise 208
b) 2018 Antwerp, Frankrijklei 33

4. Coordinates

All correspondence may be send to the address indicated above or by email at:

5. Company number

0888 059 150

6. Office

The office of the Belgian branch is situated at 1050 Brussels, avenue Louise 208.

7. Not applicable

8. Company

The company is a law firm that is submitted to the rules of the French Order of Lawyers at the Bar of Brussels (Palace of Justice, Place Poelaert at 1000 Brussels) for her Brussels’ office and to these of the Order of Lawyers at Antwerp, Bolivarplaats, 2000 Antwerp for her Antwerp office.
The professional title is the one of lawyer and has been recognised by the Belgian State.

9. General conditions and clauses

The general conditions and clauses that are applicable, are included in the « scale of fees, costs and disbursements – edition 2014 » which is available in attachment in the following languages : French, Dutch

10. Applicable law and competent courts

The files that are treated by the Belgian branch are submitted to Belgian law and can be settled through arbitration by CEPANI (article 41 of the scale in attachment). The rules of arbitration of CEPANI are accessible via the link:

11. Not applicable

12. Price of the service

Unless otherwise agreed, the price of the service is determined by the clauses of the scale in attachment.

13. Main characteristics of the economic activity

Exercise of the profession of lawyer.

14. Insurance

The responsibility of the lawyers is covered in the country where they, depending on the case, exercise their activity : Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Hong Kong by the insurance company ETHIAS, AIG EUROPE and ZURICH INSURANCE PLC (Swiss office). The responsibility of the lawyers is limited to the amount of the insurance coverage, being 30 million euros.

15. Prevention of conflicts of interest

Conflicts of interests are avoided by the application of the rules of deontology that are stipulated by the Order of the French and Dutch Bars on the one hand and by the Order of the Flemish Bar on the other hand. These standards are accessible on the websites of the concerned orders : and

16. Complaints

All complaints and information requests can be communicated as follows:

  • by email to the following address:
  • by fax on the number: 02/644 38 00
  • by phone on the number: 02/646 46 36

Resolving disputes via extra-judicial way is admitted if it concerns an arbitrage in the context of the CEPANI rules: