Tristan Krstic

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Licence en droit (Law degree) – Université Libre de Bruxelles (1997)

D.E.S. (post-graduate degree) in International Law– Université Libre de Bruxelles (Magna cum laude)


Member of the Brussels Bar (Barreau de Bruxelles)

Language skills

French, English, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian

Most important publications

« L’arrêt Halifax : entre choix de la voie licite la moins imposée et pratique abusive en T.V.A. », R.G.F. n°8, octobre 2006, pp. 19 à 32.
« L’arrêt SERKOV de la Cour de Strasbourg: la sécurité juridique doit l’emporter, même contre la loi, Revue Générale de la Fiscalité, janvier 2013»
Regular articles on,, and other specialised publications


Tristan Krstic was born in Croatia and came to Belgium at age 20, were he had the opportunity to study Law and, after that, International Law. His background and his experience since 1999 as a lawyer in a multicultural environment help him understand the needs of international clients, and enable him to give them sound advice grounded in their reality.

International law in the defense of the taxpayer

Tristan Krstic uses International Law frequently as a weapon to defend a taxpayer against State actions : “ Some principles of European and International Law, for instance, differ from Belgian local legislation. Relying on these principles often help to change the situation in favor of the taxpayer”. However, if he defends his clients tooth and nail, this experienced lawyer remains calm and always places the interest of the client in the first place of his concerns. Even if that means he will sometimes advise against going to court :”I prefer to be frank with my clients. Indeed, court proceedings are often long and nevertheless uncertain. If I believe that there is little hope to win a case, or to obtain in the end what the client wants even if the case is finally won, I never hesitate to advise against taking that path. The most important is to find a realistic and satisfactory solution for the client”.

It’s all about chess

His areas of expertise are Tax law, Commercial law (including commercial distribution, and in particular franchise), Merger & Acquisition, Company law and Real estate transactions. Tristan Krstic likes to compare negotiations and litigation as a game of chess: “you have to anticipate the other party’s reactions and act rapidly. I find that stimulating and exciting”.

Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian

As a polyglot, Tristan Krstic is probably the only lawyer in Belgium using Croatian as a mother tongue. Until recently, he was the General secretary of the Belgian-Croatian Chamber of commerce and cultural association.