Our Values


Every day we demonstrate our commitment through the values that underpin and motivate our actions.

The search for excellence

So that our clients may receive the best possible advice,  we do not rely solely on being permanently informed about the latest state of play in legal doctrine: this is where we want to play an active role.

Teaching at universities

Many lawyers in our law firm have active academic careers at several universities in our country. Through these activities they stay fully up-to-date with tax, finance, economic and accounting regulations and are able to compare their vision of the law and doctrine with that of other experts.

Publications and conferences

It is normal practice for our lawyers to take part in many conferences where they are invited to speak on topic subjects linked to their specialised areas. On a regular basis they write articles for publication in a great many journals and magazines catering to national and international readership.


The Afschrift Law Firm is a supporter of the IDEFISC Association. This body publishes a fiscal journal to which all our firm’s lawyers contribute.


Strictest observance of confidentiality

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us. It lies at the core of our profession. In return for receiving the right advice for them, our clients agree to open up part of their private lives and disclose their secrets to us. We guard these secrets as though they were our own. And we do not accept andy conflict of interests that could compromise this essential duty.


Our role in society

Our mission extends beyond providing advice and defending our clients. We also aim to make questions about taxation more easily understandable to the general public. We shed light on the issues that lie behind changes in the law and in the major debates in society the side we defend is that of the taxpayer. That is why you will regularly find our views published in the financial press, in daily newspapers and heard on radio and television. We also take active part in the editorial content of the quarterly journal published by IDEFISC, where we review the most salient points of current news on taxation.