Our approach


At the core of the Afschrift Law Firm versatility is key. This comes out of the demands of two key factors of our philosophy : getting to know our clients personally and providing the advice they need.


 Person to person relationship

Your lawyer is your closest partner

The relationship between a lawyer and his client is person to person and lasts for life. It relies upon mutual trust which grows deeper with time. In order to allow you to weave this essential link, your lawyer has the necessary specialised knowledge to help you in all your taxation case files. The transfer of a special file from one lawyer to another within the law firm is therefore regarded as an exception rather than the rule, and would only happen if we believed that our colleague would have the right skilled knowledge to guide your case to a successful conclusion.

Our team of versatile lawyers

Your lawyer is there to help you in any and every case where recourse is needed to a tax expert. All our lawyers are versatile and have mastered all the small print of taxation matters, either when providing advice or when defending your interests before the tax authorities.


Relevant and tailor-made advice

Counsels plead your case

To be really useful, a fiscal counsel should not only base his actions on a thorough knowledge of the law and jurisprudence. He should also have a deep-seated belief that, if necessary, he could defend any chosen solution in court and win the case. That is why most of our lawyers are also seasoned barristers : the expertise that they have accumulated in their court sessions allows them to make realistic and impartial evaluations of the solutions that they envisage for their clients.

Advice tailor-made to YOUR situation

Every taxpayer is different. For compaies and individuals alike, there will be assets and holdings, all with their own personal significance, and the same goes for the nature and range of their businesses and their national or international nature. Everybody has his own idea of legal, economic and taxation matters, his own level of risk aversion, willingness to go right to the end of every possible avenue of possible action, the time and the resources available to become personally involved in the putting in place of a solution.