Afschrift and the bears

Strength, courage and gentleness

We have chosen the bear as the brand image of our job as tax lawyers for its strength, its courage and its reputation for gentleness.

Energy and courage

Everybody knows that bears are powerful animals, very quick to defend their cubs and their territories against intruders.

As fiscal lawyers, our role is to defend our clients and to protect their assets against the government. We will tackle this with the same energy and courage as a mother bear defending her cubs.

Gentleness and benevolence

But the lawyer also has to advise and provide guidance to his clients so that they can manage their assets and professional activities. We look after our clients with the same care as that of a mother bear supervising the first steps of her baby cubs.


Finally, the teddy bear is the first friend to whom a small child will confide his secrets, knowing the bear will never betray them.

Inevitably our clients, if they are going to receive advice that is most suitable for their needs, will have to disclose certain details of their private lives. We do everything possible to protect such confidential data.

Protecting bears

To provide a tangible example of our attachment to bears as the emblems of our activity, we have decided to put words into action. That is why we support in Spain the charity “Fundación oso de Asturias” which works for the protection of bears in Asturias.