The Afschrift Law Firm

The Afschrift Law Firm is more than just an association of tax lawyers. All our members share the same vision of our profession and support the same commitment to advise and defend taxpayers, be they individuals or businesses, both in Belgium and abroad. 

Created in 1994 by Thierry Afschrift, this law firm brings together lawyers with extensive knowledge in every field of tax law in the widest sense of the term.

All our lawyers share the same values values. They fully understand the importance of adopting a global vision in every situation, in response to queries from our clients on the management of their professional businesses or their private assets. They also know that the success of their interventions depends upon speed, efficiency and confidentiality.

Aware of the increasing inter¬na¬tio¬na¬li¬sa¬tion of our clients’ private and professional activities and of the complex nature of their taxation matters, we have opened offices at Antwerp, Madrid, Geneva, Luxem¬bourg, Tel Aviv and Hong Kong.  Clients who would like face-to-face meetings with our lawyers, may make appointments in any of these offices.