Tax law and financial crime law

Tax law AND financial crime law

Every day, the connection between tax law and financial crime law is tightening. This trend, which we predicted at the start when setting up our law firm, has guided our daily practice in tax matters.

Closely related disciplines

Every legislature, the rules governing taxation matters are becoming increasingly complex. More and more often, these rules are backed up by financial penalties. The closer relations between tax law and financial crime law are so inextricable that we decided, right from the start, to build up expertise in both fields. This has allowed us to:

  • provide our clients with advice that enables them not only to choose the least-taxed path for their operations but also to avoid possible financial penalties;
  • defend our clients, whether private individuals or companies, when they find themselves embroiled in a criminal lawsuit.

Prepare, execute, protect

The Afschrift Law Firm lawyers believe that it is part of their job to be available at every stage of your professional or private life once their services have been called upon for taxation matters.

Advice and strategic planning

Whether you managing your private assets or your professional business, every decision you take will have tax consequences. These days it is essential to make a prior study of all the different options open to you and to consider their economic and tax implications. Our lawyers will provide advice that is tailored to your situation and will help you set up tax solutions that are safe and perform well.

Drafting contracts

Every new decision affecting your private assets or professional business will normally lead to a contractual agreement. However, contracts almost always have tax implications. Some of these may be decisive factors and therefore should be examined very closely. Our lawyers will examine with you the contracts that you are thinking of signing and will advise you so that you can negotiate with your contract parties while in possession of all the facts.

In the course of complex operations, it is more than likely that a number of contracts will be needed to reduce the overall taxation costs.  Our lawyers will help you the use the most up-to-date legal formats, thereby ensuring that they not only obey the law but are also in compliance with the reality. You will thus be able to optimise with full peace of mind the usual economic operations carried out in the framework of the management of your business or your personal assets.

Assistance and defence   

While a lawyer’s basic job is to provide advice ahead of action, it is just as important that he should be at his client’s side for any discussions with tax authorities.

From a simple request for information through to a detailed tax inspection, our lawyers stand ready to go with our clients to meetings to be in a better position to defend their interests. In practical terms, we help you with:

  • deciding upon the right position to adopt when being questioned by tax inspectors
  • examining the best way to negotiate where necessary with the authorities to avoid any tax-related litigation
  • if the negotiation does not lead to a satisfactory conclusion, or if there is no reason to negotiate, deciding upon the line of conduct to adopt to find the most advantageous result of any fiscal lawsuit.