The management of company assets and activities these days often includes an international element, as in the case of private individuals. Good taxation planning should exploit such advantages to the full.

Internationalisation: a unique asset

No matter whether you have already developed some business abroad or both your personal assets and business activities remain purely national, your taxation planning will often benefit from being placed a more international context. The special tax measures pertaining in certain countries may often be effective in quite legally reducing your taxation burden.

Abroad just like in Belgium

This is why, for many years now, the Afschrift Law Firm has offices in Luxem¬bourg and Switzerland, and also in Spain, Israel, and more recently, Hong-Kong. Quite a few lawyers are also practising barristers in several countries.  This versatility allows them to build up better knowledge of local tax law and international regulations, and this means they are able to provide you with advice that is genuinely adapted to your own circumstances.