Nobody wants to get into an argument with the Inland Revenue. However, if a dispute does arise, it is best to get hold of correct advice right at the start, meaning as soon as the income tax inspection begins.

In such circumstances, the role of the lawyer is not only to speak for the client in a court of law, but also to take an active part, right from the first notice from the tax authorities, in drawing up a defence strategy with the client and his income tax adviser or accountant. This strategy will provide guidance for all future defence in discussions with the Inland Revenue.

Searching for an agreement

A lawyer can also intervene, if need be, in the process of searching for an agreement with the tax authorities, where this looks feasible, in order to avoid long drawn-out legal proceedings.

A great many legal disputes can also be resolved at the administrative stage, preempting any formal lawsuits – when submitting a claim to the regional income tax office, for example.

Preparing the lawsuit

But even when it seems inevitable that the matter will end up in court, the intervention of a lawyer right from the first contacts with the tax office can prove most useful. This would indeed enable the best possible preparation of the lawsuit by controlling what goes into the case file, in deciding which papers should (or should not) be sent through to the tax office and in the careful drafting of answers to their questions.

At the stage of the legal proceedings, lawyers in the Afschrift law firm are competent to represent clients on taxation matters before every jurisdiction.