The tax authorities are becoming increasingly severe. This means it is essential to prepare every transaction with great care, whether you are managing your business, organizing your assets or preparing your succession.

The recent tightening of tax law and the increasing intransigence of the tax authorities nowadays is placing the taxpayer at a high level of risk.

It is vital to consider carefully the taxation aspects of any transaction, whether it concerns:

  • the structuring of private assets;
  • succession planning;
  • preparing for a merger or acquisition:
  •  the legal structure of a company;
  • day-to-day management of company business.


Increasing the security of transactions

The lawyers in the Afschrift law firm provide their clients with expert knowledge about structuring the assets of private individuals and married couples,  succession planning and the negotiation of contracts. In every one of these areas advice on tax implications is automatically given. To this end, they draw as much on their own thorough knowledge of the law and jurisprudence as they do on their experience of settling disputes with taxation authorities. Their objective is always the same: to provide their clients with advice that is completely tailored to their situations in order to ensure the best possible legal security for their transactions.